Pinterest for interior design

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for many things. When it comes to interior design for your house, office, studio, cafe, restaurants and shops you should check out and search based on the following tips. These tips will give you so many ideas that you are going to drown in them.


Designers have created boards for us to view and have easy access to ample inspiration and ideas. The images and ideas can be easily shared on Pinterest, so we have a convenient glance at the top trending design ideas. These ideas are posted by the designers from their client sites and projects. Pinterest is a fantastic tool for interior design firms.


As it is one of the ideal ways to redirect viewers to the designer’s website, Pinterest gives them the opportunity to create brand awareness. So as a starter, here are some tips to effectively use Pinterest as one of your marketing guides.


Organising your ideas and thoughts:

As a tool, Pinterest allows you to organise your ideas into boards and pins, thereby making your searches very easy and simplified. As a part of this organisation, you can work to keep track of client’s pending works that need continuous monitoring and tracking. The boards help you do that, with detailed efficiency in tracking. Boards can be created for every project and you can continuously add images and items into them based on the progress. With this, you can easily project an overview and save these boards for future client reference.


You also have the option to delete these boards when the client’s renovation is over and create a new one for the upcoming ones. Having to face a lot of clients, you use Pinterest as a dashboard for all of your styles and designs and classify them based on budget and lifestyle. You can also classify the board based on your interest range and inspirations, thus creating new boards now and then with fresh new ideas within the market. With all works and designs that inspire you, you can always create new concepts and show them to your clients through your existing portfolio.



Planning your marketing and client engagement:

Your ideas and website can reach fans and followers from across the world using Pinterest. From this reach, you need to share and showcase content that attracts your crowd. You can pin and share your ideas with your followers and with new engaging concepts, you create inspiration and showcase your expertise to them. Thus, by inspiring more you will tend to increase the traffic to your page.


With pins and boards, make sure you expand your search by being part of other groups on Pinterest. Also, plan the quality of images that you upload onto your boards and banners, as this can make a big difference. As this platform is driven by visual appease, the image uploads must be of very high quality and unique to inspire the audience to save them. An interior stylist should always be organised and have a plan.


Also, take note of the size of the images and make sure the images are within 736 pixels. Header and banners added to the images need to be in clearly readable fonts and in colour shades that complement the image tone. You can use traditional methods of lettering to caption the image, to ensure the fonts are crisp. You can also brighten the image or the photos added. With this, make sure to stay updated with the images and pins added by your company and save them consistently to engage your followers.